Al-Moallem : « Continued regional and int’l interference in Syria hinders political solution, increases terrorism »

the real Syrian Free Press


Sochi, RUSSIA, 29/11/2014 ~ Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem, said that the continued regional and international interference in Syrian affairs hinders the political solution and increases the violence of terrorism exercised on the Syrians.

In an interview with Russian RT Channel on Friday, al-Moallem added that Syria believes in and adheres to an inter-Syrian political solution away from any foreign meddling but the problem lies in the conspiracy of Syria’s neighbors, particularly Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and others from outside the region.

”Russia found that the formula of an inter-Syrian dialogue could be more useful than what took place in Geneva, and accordingly, new ideas have emerged after talks held with factions from the opposition where the idea of convening an inter-Syrian dialogue meeting in Moscow comes to light,”the Minister said.




He added that it is hard to…

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