Meet Wile E Coyote, Super Genius.

The Wilderness of Mirrors

Ok, so let’s make this short and sweet. If you’re a blogger, and you are using phrases like unexpectedly or inexplicably when you are writing anything about Barack Obama or anyone in the Obama Administration, if you write about the Mainstream Media, and are surprised by anything they do, then you are a fluking Wile E Coyote, Super Genius.

Like Adolph Hitler before him, Barack Obama told everyone right up front what he intended to do. Fundamentally Transform America, helloieee, ring any fluking bells? What the fuck did you think Fundamentally Transform America meant? Are you really that fucking stupid? Barack Obama is a fucking Marxist, hello… Community Activist? Read Saul Alinsky, community activist means Marxist agitator.

Barack Obama’s mother and father were avowed Marxists, so were his grandparents, so was his mentor Frank Marshall Davis, so is his friend from the hood, William « Bill » Ayres. You honestly have to…

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