Bury Me Rolf Harris in Wolf Creek, Zeke


Exceeding charm may come with a harmful flipside. For decades, Rolf Harriswas an icon of Australian popular culture. Yet in recent months, the icon has been erased: a result of his trial and conviction on charges of sexual assault against numerous minors, the details of which can be incredibly chilling. He has been sentenced to less than six years in prison, though given his advanced age it might approximate a death sentence. There were women from Australia, New Zealand, and Britain (among the dozen or so stories I read about his accusers), who have gone public with accusations of being raped by Harris when they were children. Harris, for his part, has shown little or no remorse. Harris is now featured prominently in major international media (like The Guardian, which hosts a stream about him), not as a warmly beloved icon, but as a widely reviled villain…

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