FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 7-22-14… « Bush Jr., Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior nazionists to be arrested soon »… « What we are witnessing is clearly the end game for the nazionists »

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benjamin_fulford_smile_smirk72The highlights from this post from Ben are below. The one paragraph he has repeated 3 times. I’m leaving it in, as perhaps it’s a (hidden) message. But presuming his report is on the money, we can expect some exciting events in the very near future.

In this post, on July 15 it appeared George H.W. Bush may have been « dead », but it appears he magically came back to life.

I’ve added a couple of more highlights for this full version posting, one of which is a summary of all of the events that have occurred in the past months which tell us that we really are in the midst of this cabal takedown.

I suggest we each continue doing our parts to assist in this, whatever it is, blogging, Light work, BEing in one’s sovereignty, DOing from one’s Higher Self…

« The downing of remote controlled Israeli owned so-called…

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