Henry Makow Article, 6-26-14… « Proof World War Two Was a Charade »

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op_jb_book_cover_christopher_creightonBefore reading this, recall a) David Wilcock’s Financial Tyranny (regarding how both sides of wars are funded by the same folks (Rothschilds, Rockefellers), and b) click the audio player* below.

It sure would not surprise me if this were really a true story.

(note: if the player doesn’t work for you, click here: http://tinyurl.com/kkuyhyp*)

Now, I cannot vouch for any of the information here in this article, as I have not read the book, « Op JB« . But it sure sounds like this could very well be « right on ». I just found it fascinating reading. See how it strikes you.

[Kp note 1: click this link to view the video from which this audio clip was taken]
[Kp note 2: please go to the original article for links and photos.]
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Proof World War Two Was a Charade. – Confirmed – British Rescued…

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