Tis the Season to Engage in Treason

Mantiq al-Tayr

Why don’t we just skip through all the digressions and Shas Party jokes and get right into video time today?

This remains one of my all time favorite videos. Zionist math.

Now watch this utterly deceptive piece of shit by the Emergency Committee For Israel.

Let me digress for a moment. I like this video a lot too.  It’s so short even Shas Party members can watch the whole thing, but I digress.

In just over two short months, the Conference of Traitors reconvenes in Washington, Israel.

« And because of what I have learned at the policy conference I am a better pro-Israel advocate. »  It’s all about Israel, all  the time.  Or, as Netanyahu puts it « The one and only Jewish State. »

An « informational » video on last year’s conference. 🙂

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