An ITCCS Breaking News Update : Rome, Equinox Sunday, September 22, 2013

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2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Source: PeoplesTrustToronto
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Spiritual Reclamations across the world inaugurate new « Jubilee Revolution » – Debts, laws nullified

Traditional elders, shamans and clergy gathered near the Vatican today and in at least six other countries to inaugurate a new spiritual regime that nullifies and replaces the Church of Rome, as well as « ungodly laws and economies ».

Invoking divine authority, the closed ceremonies culminated twenty one days of global prayer and fasting on behalf of « all of the victims of a false church and its spirit of lies and murder ».

In Rome, nine elders held a sacred circle ceremony near the Via della Conciliazione opposite St. Peter’s Square to « complete the cycle of exorcism begun here in 2009 », according to participant Brother Ciaran Ui Niall of Wexford, Ireland, who stated during the opening proceedings,

« The Roman papacy has been found guilty in the courts of man because first it was…

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