« We are waiting »


To all paedophiles of the world, come screw our children’s arses, come offer yourselves young little Moroccans, in the world’s most beautiful country, it’s ok, it’s free, it’s pretty.

I was still on the vibe of my last article, « Hiba, Jihane, smile! You’ve already won » when I saw the first posts about the royal pardon granted to a Spanish 63 year-old paedophile who would have raped 11 children aged from 2 to 14 in Kenitra and who had gotten sentenced to 30 years’ imprisonment. This pardon would have been granted 18 months after the verdict.

I said to myself: Ok, it has to be bullshit, it’s too big, it’s summertime, it’s hot, no alcohol, the whores are on biological rest, they must be bored, they’re off their heads, I’m rather going to go to bed.

On awakening the next day, first impulse was Facebook hoax… Good God, it’s being confirmed, it’s starting to grumble all over the place, but I still can’t believe it. I think, let’s stay cool, there’s still no official source. It can’t be true, it’s too big, it’s much too enormous. It’s a joke. Just a big joke.

As the day wears on, a vague urge to vomit I didn’t understand, the outrage on Facebook continues but still nothing official, then a few articles here and there, and then discussions with well informed friends which confirm it. God’s Name, there are good chances it’s true.

And then when I could no longer lie to myself, I freaked out, really, literally. I no longer knew how to think, feel, reason. I was as if punch-drunk.

I read and read again all that had been written here and there and I am baffled with rage and stupor, it’s like when you’re witness to an event with which our intellectual and emotional capacities can’t cope because they’re not kitted up for it and all circuits fry. Nothing more, just emptiness.

At a time when civil society is breaking its arse to accept the rape of two 17 year-old teenage girls by two imbeciles the elder of the two being less than 30 years old, where women and men acroos the world are mobilising via the social networks to try to make people believe in a semblance of justice in our country, a royal pardon comes and overturns all these energies, these hopes and wills.

We people, we are fighting with slingshots and today they took out the weapon of mass destruction, in our faces and don’t argue.

When I heard the attorney general say that he had warned the royal cabinet of the paedophile’s presence on the pardon list, but that he had merely received the order of « executing » the royal cabinet’s directives, I felt like saying to him: « And you, are you ok? How do you feel? Don’t you feel like committing suicide right now? I mean, your pride, your dignity as a political official, as a human being, as a Morrocan, you know where I’m heading? Or is that something your government has definitively lost since you lowered your pants down to your heels.

Men? Political officials? Muslims? Islamic government?

My ass, right.

Then, I tried to calm myself a little to see more clearly. I tried to quieten the emotional and affective side to let reason speak out.

And my reasoning told me:

Maybe it’s a typical kind of gift between monarchs, I dunno, maybe that’s how it happens, you set free a paedophile for me, and I put in a word for you on the Sahara issue or for your fucked-up files here or there, or for your personal business or for things about which we can’t even begin to guess.

Maybe it’s the way to empty the Moroccan prisons of all those foreigners fed on human rights and who had Canal+ (French cable channel, ed.note) with the porn movies every first Saturday of the month in their country’s jails and who might ask for the same thing in Moroccan jails by summoning the press and international opinion on these jails’ great conditions of luxury.

Maybe that’s where everything gets decided, nobody gives a fuck about anything and files like these pass by without anyone realising it precisely because nobody gives a fuck about anything anymore.

And then my reasoning gets tired and says to me: you know what?

You’re just shutting up because you, you’re a nice Moroccan girl who’s respectful of the law and the royal pardon is a constitutional right. Yes Ma’am, it’s article 34 that says so. So you just shut your mouth up.

And then, an image comes to haunt my mind, I see the dirty hands of that 60 year-old psychopath paedophile on the bodies of 11 young Moroccans, who were born in Morocco;  our children, our brothers and sisters, the children of our brothers and sisters, I try to imagine him setting up his camera to film while he’s tearing away their anus or whatever, I see blood, I hear cries, I think of the parents, I see lives destroyed for life, and I try to imagine:

Omar who was 14 when he was raped by that arsehole, struggling to get free, and howling in rage and spite because he understands what’s happening to him;

Fatima who was 11 when she was raped by that psychopath, pleading and in pain, she doesn’t understand everything, but she knows she’s in pain;

Saïda who was 9 when she was raped by that psychopath, screaming and trying to understand what’s happening to her;

Little Kraima who was 7 when she was raped, going insane,

Little Aziza, Amal, Intissar and Souad who were 6 when they were raped and dying,

Little Hanane who was 5 when she was raped by that arsehole, God’s Name: 5 years old, suffering like a martyr and calling for her mother;

Little Nawal who was 2 when she was raped by that arsehole, God’s Name: 2 years old, she was a baby, she must have bled, God’s Name.

And that dickhead who was filming and getting off… , to do 18 months’ jailtime and go back to Spain.

« Extradited » from Morocco… bullshit, right.

And I say to myself, NO, fuck the gift shit, the pardon shit, there’s none of this that holds together. Fuck it all. In’el din…

I think NO, you’ve sold our lands, our wealth, our work, you’ve sold our youth, our future and our hopes, you’ve disposed of our lives, of those of our parents and of our children, you’ve sold our wives and our dreams, you’ve even sold our dead.

You’ve transformed us into consumers of the products that come out of your factories and farms, you’ve put us in debt for two generations so that your banks can get rich, you sell us a dream Morocco so that we send you our money from abroad, you’ve reduced to silence our intellectuals, our poets, our artists and our journalists, you’ve made it such that no political renewal can impose itself on your desires, you’ve destroyed everything you’ve touched from the beginning, you torture, kill, jail our brothers and sisters every day that God makes…

And now you even want to sell away our children’s arses and their integrity, their innocence and their balance, their safety and their little babies’ bodies.

Are we worth so little in your eyes, that you might offer up our children’s little bodies to all the deviant perverts of this world because article 34 lets you?

Are there no limits to your rights over us?

Are there no limits to your demonstrations of absolute power over us? Neither those of humanism nor of decency, nor dignity, by default those of patriotism?

Do you see us as human beings at all to treat us so?

Today, our eyes are locked on to you.

We are waiting.

Source: http://la-version-marocaine.overblog.com/a-tous-les-p%C3%A9dophiles-de-la-terre-venez-baiser-nos-enfants-ici-c-est-gratuit

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